Fordham University Quinn School Library at Lincoln Center

Libraries, University Centers

New York, NY | 2016 | 140,000 sf

After renovations the existing Law School Building will consist of three major program elements: The Undergraduate Library, The Graduate Business School, and the Center for Student Affairs.

The modernized library, the state-of-the-art classrooms, computer labs, faculty offices and student study rooms will consolidate the existing Business School, which is now in several different buildings on and off-campus, and provide a showcase for prospective students. The new student affairs amenities will include a café, a multi-purpose room and student offices.

The new curtain wall and exterior work will reflect the architecture of Lincoln Center, which is immediately across the street. Two new entrances will be created: one for the Business School, separate from the remainder of the building; a second one connecting the main building to the campus as a whole in a way that is not presently possible.